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1. Biding Character and Scope

The terms and conditions listed below are mandatory for all visitors/members of TaliaMare Beach Club in all its premises, inclusive: the access road, exterior and interior areas and parking zone.

TaliaMare Beach Club is a place for relaxation and sports activities where every visitor/member can fully benefit of the services provided. The scope of this Regulation is to ensure the security of individuals, the integrity of goods, the public order and area cleanliness.

In order to access TaliaMare’s premises and benefit from its services, all visitors/members must accept the rules set forth in this Regulation. By paying the day pass/membership fee, as a visitor/member you express your consent to this Regulation and you are obliged to respect unconditionally all the rules set out below which are supposed and presumed to have been read and carefully noted. Expressing your consent by receiving the ticket/access card gives rise to a contract between you and TaliaMare Beach Club under the terms of this Regulation.

As a visitor/member, you declare that you understand and accept that the use of TaliaMare facilities involves risks specific to sports activities and beyond and you understand and accept that due to these risks you may be injured. TaliaMare will not be liable for any damage occurred to your life, body and health within the limits of the State of Qatar laws. By expressing your consent to these Terms and Conditions, you also declare that your health is good or at least appropriate for sports activities.

2. Program and Entrance

The access to TaliaMarea Beach Club is guaranteed by making an online reservation (applicable to both “day passes” and “memberships”) one day before the intended visit date.

The Program hours are set by TaliaMare’s Management and will be displayed at the entrance and on the website.

It’s forbidden to leave TaliaMare’s premises (land and sea), clearly demarcated with pillars.

In all accessible vehicle spaces (access road, parking, roundabout), you must observe Qatar’s traffic rules and regulations, such as, but not exhaustively:

TaliaMare Beach Club reserves the right to temporarily limit/restrict the vehicle access to the parking area, as well as the access of individuals’ on its premises if the maximum operating capacity has been reached. This measure is required to provide visitors the most relaxing and safe experience at TaliaMare.

The company’s Management may limit the use of TaliaMare’s facilities at any time (e.g. technical reasons, cleaning services, etc.). In such cases, you cannot claim refunds of the entry fee or raise any other material claim.

The individuals who, due to severe physical or mental disabilities, are helpless or need supervision may visit TaliaMare only in the presence of an adult (18 years old and above).

It’s strictly forbidden the entrance of children under 14 years old who are not accompanied by an adult. The liability for damages or accidents caused by a minor (under 18 years old) will be borne by the parents, or in their absence by the guardian. TaliaMarea staff has the right to request any visitor/member an identification document to verify that the access conditions are met.

Is forbidden the access to individuals who do not know how to swim if they are not accompanied by a person who knows how to swim. The accompanying person will closely supervise the person who does not know how to swim.

Is forbidden the access to TaliaMare for persons with open wounds, rashes or diseases that can publicly offend the other visitors.

It’s prohibited the access to people who are under the influence of alcohol.

It’s forbidden the access with pets.

Also, it’s strictly forbidden the access to individuals carrying any objects capable or apparently capable of causing injuries, sharp objects, blunt instruments, explosive or flammable substances, chemical or toxic substances.

If TaliaMare staff informs you that is not allowed to use a sports’ object, you will have to comply.

No refunds granted for services or products already paid.

3. Rules of Conduct

The visitors/members must behave in such a way that the safety, order and cleanliness of TaliaMare premises are not endangered. Also, all the legal provisions related to Qatar’s rules of conduct must be strictly followed, such as: using an aggressive tone and behavior, showing affection in public and so on.

In case of any violation of rules of conduct, TaliaMare personnel has to right to ask you to leave the premises.

4. Special Provisions

Within TaliaMare Beach Club premises the following are strictly forbidden

5. Liability

Each visitor/member is responsible for the damages caused by his conduct or actions - such as: misuse or damaging of TaliaMare’s facilities, damages caused to third parties (including injuries to other visitors).

For damages caused by children, the parents or guardians answer in accordance to the provisions of Qatar Civil Law.

Except for the cases of mandatory liability imposed by Qatar law, TaliaMare will not be liable for any damages brought to you or your personal belongings (for example, for the theft or destruction of your personal goods, for your parked vehicle, damages caused by force majeure, etc.).

In the event you fail to comply with the obligations set forth in this Regulation, TaliaMare staff has the right to declare the immediate termination of the contract concluded with you.

6. Others

By subscribing to our entrance/membership system, you express your consent to the processing of your personal data. Please note that this data will be used solely for ensuring the access to TaliaMare’s premises and for promoting the Beach Club’s activities.

For suggestions, inquiries or complaints you can contact us at